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Tarot - Blocked Future

Blocked Future

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The King of Swords is all about analytical leadership. He is in control of the situation and his over-assertive ways make this clear. While the King of Swords tries to be fair in his judgement, he does tend to have extremely high standards. The standards that the King sets may be high, but he personally tries to live up to them so they ultimately are fair. Still, his adherence to his principles can often result in him ignoring his emotional needs.


Strength does not necessarily refer to physical strength, but also describes strength in your thought process, willingness to take action, and emotional strength. When in a blockage position, Strength often indicates that you are giving too much of yourself. Strength may also indicate that you need to be tolerant of other peoples faults. Remember that brute force is not always the best way of handling things.


The Eight of Pentacles reminds you that attention to detail is one of the main factors to having quality craftsmanship. When appearing in the past position it is asking you to look at the effort your have been putting into your work. Are you doing your best or just enough to get the job done?


Ace of Pentacles is about sowing seeds for the future. In the future position this card is a reminder that there is more to life than material needs but having a strong foundation for that future will be based on the seeds that you plant today.

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