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Tarot - Blocked Future

Blocked Future

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The knight of Swords symbolizes charging into battle. Of course, war should always be a last resort. Diplomacy is usually a better option than aggression. Still, when diplomacy fails you should be ready to make a stand.


The Devil appears when we are in the dark and represents bondage. It is almost always a blockage card as it indicates that you are being manipulated by others. Sometimes this manipulation is obvious but you feel powerless to change things. If this is the case, you should be asking yourself why you are powerless as you may discover that the manipulator needs you more than you need them. Other times, however, the manipulation is through lies or misdirection and once you see the truth it is possible to put a stop to the manipulation.


The Five of Swords in a past position is an indication that your current situation is the result of an earlier situation which you had retreated from.


The Six of Wands represents Triumph. This card is all about victory. Taking care of business and looking out after yourself ultimately allows you to reach your goals. The presences of this card often symbolizes that you will be the center of attention so enjoy your time in the spotlight.

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