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Tarot - Blocked Future

Blocked Future

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The Ten of Wands indicates that a burden is being carried. This is a good indication that you are pushing yourself to the limit. You need to find a way to lighten your load otherwise you will be unable to see where you are headed.


The Four of Swords is a card about contemplation. In a blockage position, this card indicates that you are not looking at the future or are not taking all the possible outcomes into account and as a result you may not be as prepared as you think you are.


The Hanged Man is a person caught in a state of limbo. This reflects that in the past you had to make some changes in your life or some other form of transition. The other cards that make up this layout may reflect how well this transition went.


The Six of Cups represents innocence and childhood. In a future position, Nostalgia. Take a look back at the good old times, but remember that you are putting more worth on the good things and forgetting the bad things. Still the good things from the past can often point to things to look for in the future.

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