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Tarot - Blocked Future

Blocked Future

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Often the Page of Cups is used to represent a real person that you know. This person is most likely a young person who is falling in love for the first time. This could also be anybody who is experiencing the youthful attitude that is often associated with falling in love. If you are not the person this card is describing then you should perhaps take a look at the person for whom you think this card is describing and use him or her as an inspiration for your creativity.


The Eight of Swords represents vulnerability. In the blockage position this card indicates that you may be too use to being the victim and that instead of trying to get out of your present situation you are instead waiting to be rescued. Remember that you have the ability to get out of your present situation, it just requires that you find focus and clarity.


The World represents the end of a cycle and coming to terms with yourself and your place in the universe. Being in a past position often indicates that a previous cycle has ended and that the present is the start of a new beginning. Remember that at the start of a new cycle, you have a relatively blank slate and therefore have the potential ability to guide the direction your future is going to head in.


The Six of Wands represents Triumph. This card is all about victory. Taking care of business and looking out after yourself ultimately allows you to reach your goals. The presences of this card often symbolizes that you will be the center of attention so enjoy your time in the spotlight.

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