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Tarot - Blocked Future

Blocked Future

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The Lovers is interpreted as romantic love, though can be considered to be the union of two opposite entities. A good way of looking at this card is to consider the Japanese concept of yin and yang. Love is often considered to be something that is greater than its individual parts. It is about seeking wholeness and being drawn to another.


The Six of Cups represents innocence and childhood. As a blockage card this rings out naivety. You are living too much in your past and not taking responsibility for your choices. Remember that the past is behind you, live for the future which is ahead of you.


The Hermit is all about the search for inner wisdom. In a past position this reflects a piece of knowledge that you have been trying to understand and incorporate into your life. How successful you have been at doing this will often be reflected in the other cards that make up the layout.


The Knight of Pentacles is about being realistic. Appearing in the future position often indicates that you are too practical. You are afraid to take chances and try new things. While there may be risks to trying something new, there are also payoffs. If there is something you are hesitating about, take a look at what the risks are as they may not be as high as you fear.

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