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Tarot - Blocked Future

Blocked Future

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Judgement is about awakening the truth. It is about letting go of the past by making amends for all of your mistakes and embracing new values. Remember that our actions have consequences. While karma may not show itself in the short term, it does add up, with bad karma weighing on the soul.


The Page of Wands represents Enthusiasm. As a blockage, this card warns you that temptations for the new are causing you to forget what you already have. Remember that a bird in hand is better than two birds in a bush.


Queen of Wands represents an optimistic or self-assured person. In the past position this card indicates that the person you associate with this card is somehow influencing your present situation.


The Queen of Swords represents a person who uses logic and rational thinking to solve her problems. The presence of this card in the future position is an indication that your current situation requires logic and rational thinking to achieve the best results. It may also indicate that a person who holds these qualities will play a prominent roll in your future.

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