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Tarot - Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross

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The heart of the matter

The Eight of Swords represents vulnerability. This is a time when your situation is currently getting the best of you. You are feeling all tied up and are unable to see your choices. The keywords here are 'feeling tied up.' You are not without the resources necessary to get out of your present situation, you just need to find focus and clarity.

What is preventing your efforts

Queen of Wands represents optimism. This card in a blockage position is suggesting that you have lost touch with your optimist side. You need to regain this optimism by figuring out where you need to be heading and letting your intuition guide you down that path.

What you are trying to achieve

The Hierophant represents a system of beliefs. This indicates that your goals are tied to your beliefs. While these beliefs may be of a religious nature, they could equally be political or social beliefs and may even indicate the belief that a product, service, or project will be successful. The key thing to remember is that the truth does not care what you believe so if your beliefs are wrong, you may not be successful.

Factors you may not be considering

When Temperance influences your situation, then you should be thinking about moderation in all things. You need to be willing to see both sides of an argument and make sure the needs of everybody are taken into account. There are times, however, when nothing can be done and you must leave dead dogs where they lie.

Influences from the past

The Page of Wands is often interpreted as representing someone you know. A young person who is starting out on a new adventure such as a new school or university, a new or first job, moving to a new city, traveling to a different country, or starting a new hobby. As this is a past position, this card could also represent you at an earlier stage when you were like the page and were heading in a new direction.

Factors that may influence the future

The King of Pentacles is about worldly power. In the future position this card often reflects success in business. This is an indication that you should focus in the present of becoming responsible and supportive so that you can potentially grow into a business leader.

How you are viewing the situation

If you are worried about the future then you need to start looking at your situation through the Nine of Pentacles. Becoming self-reliance and making sure there is a nest-egg is the order of the day. While self-discipline is needed to create the nest-egg, once you have enough of one then the resulting sense of security will allow you to better enjoy the pleasures of life.

How others are viewing you

When others view you in the light of the Queen of Pentacles they are looking at your generosity and charity work. If you are the type of person who uses your resources to help those in needs, then you may be acting like the Queen would.

Your current hopes and fears

The fear that the Seven of Swords brings is the fear that you are dealing with liars and cheats. The hope is that you will be able to see the truth that the deceptive person is fleeing from.

Potential outcome

The Hanged Man in the future position is an indication that your life is about to take a change in direction. It is not easy to make changes in our lives at change tends to require sacrifice or relinquishing of control. Sometimes, however, life puts obstacles in our path and in order to proceed we need to take a step or two back before we can start moving forward again. The key to moving forward is making sure that you know what it is that you really want and make realistic plans to reach your goals.

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