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Tarot - Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross

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The heart of the matter

The Two of Cups is a lesser version of the lovers. It is about establishing a bond. While this is often a romance, other types of partnerships or mutual understandings are applicable.

What is preventing your efforts

Some see the card as an apocalyptic card, while we at Blazing Games see this card as more of an awakening. This card when in a blockage position is a wake-up call. There are consequences for your actions. While the consequences may not apply now, they will impact your future so it is important to put your past mistakes behind you and try to live a virtuous life.

What you are trying to achieve

As the High Priestess is the holder of secrets, the presence of this card often is an indication that your goals are not really your goals. You need to trust your intuition and take a look at what it is that you really want. While it may be that your current goal may aid you to getting to your true goal, it is quite possible that you are ignoring or forgetting something of significance which may result in your true goals being further away than you hope.

Factors you may not be considering

With the Two of Wands influencing you. now it the time to show the world that you mean business. This can be done through demonstrating your skills and creativity. While trying to showcase your existing talents it would be wise to embrace new ideas and widen your perspective. The more that you are able to do, the more you can potentially achieve.

Influences from the past

Nine of Swords is about despair over guilt or worry. As this card is in the past position, it is likely that this is the root cause of your current situation.

Factors that may influence the future

The Fool in the near future is often an indication of leaping before looking. Failing to plan for the future is a very common vice. Even when plans are in place, the unknown has a way of shattering solid plans so always make sure the plans for your future are flexible and can withstand wedges being driven into them.

How you are viewing the situation

The Eight of Wands can be a scary way of seeing your situation as everything is up in the air. Things will be happening really quickly now so you better be prepared. If you have your priorities straight, you will be able to handle the storm relatively unscathed.

How others are viewing you

If other people consider you as a craftsman, the Three of Pentacles may be the card they have in mind. This card is about using your skills and ability to grow professionally.

Your current hopes and fears

The fear that the Seven of Wands brings is that you are fighting a pointless battle. The hope is that the principles that you stand for make the struggle worthwhile. As long as your principles are just, making a stand can be a good thing.

Potential outcome

The Four of Cups in a future position is a warning that you will become so withdrawn that you may not see the opportunity that is staring at you. While this withdrawal is likely the result of a loss, remember that bad things do happen to good people and often business is impersonal.

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