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Tarot - Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross

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The heart of the matter

The Seven of Wands represents defiance. While sometimes being defiant is the equivalent to fighting a pointless battle, sometimes it is the principle of the matter. Defiance is often associated with youth as teenagers find their place in the world, but defiance is really about going against authority. While some people have the opinion, 'Things are fine just the way they are,' the attitude of the Seven of Wands is, 'The current system has flaws and those flaws need to be fixed.'

What is preventing your efforts

The Four of Swords is a card about contemplation. In a blockage position, this card indicates that you are not looking at the future or are not taking all the possible outcomes into account and as a result you may not be as prepared as you think you are.

What you are trying to achieve

The Emperor is the ruler, which is often an indication that your goals are control related. This card represents power, authority and leadership so it is likely that you wish to be in charge of your situation.

Factors you may not be considering

The Knight of Swords is influencing your situation. This Knight is ready to charge into battle. Not only is this knight willing to make a stand, but fully expects to win the upcoming battle. Battle, of course, is a metaphor for any competitive situation and as always war should be a last resort.

Influences from the past

As Strength represents taking control of ones life, in the past position it can usually be interpreted as actions that you have recently taken in order to gain control over your life. Remember that strength does not necessarily refer to physical strength, but also describes strength in your thought process, willingness to take action, and emotional strength.

Factors that may influence the future

The Hermit represents the most secretive part of ourselves. This indicates that the near future will involve your search for inner wisdom. Often the best way to do soul searching is by withdrawing to a private place where you can be alone with your thoughts.

How you are viewing the situation

When you are feeling compassionate, you may be in the same state of mind as the Queen of Cups. While this Queen is very emotional, she is a reminder that emotions are a part of life and that you should be careful not to continually repress your emotions. The Queen is there to help others with their emotional issues and to be there for emotional support.

How others are viewing you

Others seeing you as the sun is is an indication that you are in the spotlight. Your energy and confidence can lead to success. Success is the time when you finally get to reap the rewards for all the hard work that you have done.

Your current hopes and fears

The fear that the Wheel of Fortune brings is bad luck. The hope it brings is good luck. Life will always have ups and downs. The best thing to do is not worry about luck but instead focus on doing the best that you can.

Potential outcome

The Devil in a future outcome position is a dark sign warning you of the importance to keep an eye on reality. Something that you are currently obsessed with, or your thirst for power, will result in you being bound to someone or something and you will lose control of your life. Beware of temptations and accept your limitations to avoid this outcome.

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