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Tarot - Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross

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The heart of the matter

The Fool is ready for a new adventure and a new beginning. In the present position this is an indication that you are about to start a new journey. While this may be a real journey, it also describes anything which you have not done before. While mistakes may be made, knowledge will be gained from those mistakes making you wiser.

What is preventing your efforts

Death reflects the simple fact that all things must end, but endings usually result in new beginnings. In a blockage position, this card is telling you that you need to change something about your life in order to reach your full potential. Change is often hard to accept, so people often hold on to the past even though this is the wrong thing to do. Instead of focusing on the ending, you should be thinking about the new beginning.

What you are trying to achieve

The Seven of Pentacles is about being rewarded for your efforts. This is an indication that to benefit from your material goals, you will need to take responsibility for your work. While not all projects will reward you with wealth, there are many other forms of payout that can prove equally rewarding.

Factors you may not be considering

Five of Pentacles represents hardship. This may be indicating that you will be having a lot of issues to deal with. Often this is an indication that you are feeling out of the loop. Just remember that the glass is half-full not half-empty.

Influences from the past

As the Ace of Pentacles is about sowing new seeds for the future, this card being in the past indicates that a project that you have started is influencing this reading. Remember that pentacles is about wealth and material resources, so the influence this card will have on the rest of the cards in the layout will likely be financial in nature.

Factors that may influence the future

The Star is a wonderful card to have in the near future. It is an indication of success. This means that you will find a way to solve your current issues. You are on the way to realizing your dreams. Just make sure that your expectations are realistic and that you trust yourself and your capabilities.

How you are viewing the situation

To be the King of Wands is to be the master of your own destiny. To be in control of your destiny you need to know what risks are worth taking by weighing those risks against your past experience. While your decisions may not always be right, often even a wrong decision is better than not making a decision at all.

How others are viewing you

To be seen as the Seven of Wands is to be seen as someone who sticks to their guns no matter what. As long as you are standing up for principles, you can not be faulted. Just remember that your ideas may be different than those of others.

Your current hopes and fears

The fear that the Hanged Man brings with him is that of having to change. The hope he brings is that a change in perspective will help you figure out how to navigate around the roadblocks that are in your path. Ultimately, this card is about letting go of the past so you can start living for tomorrow.

Potential outcome

This is a great card in the future position as the Nine of Cups represents wish-fulfilment. This does not mean that all your dreams are about to come true, but all the things you have worked for are a likely outcome. This is an indication that in the future you will be happy with your success and will be counting your blessings.

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