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Tarot - Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross

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The heart of the matter

The King of Pentacles is about worldly power. It is often an indication that you are entering a successful period of your life.

What is preventing your efforts

The Chariot reminds us that sometimes life seems to be like a race or competition. However, many people do not like to lose and will attempt to win the race at any cost. While the victor may gain the spoils, the wise person makes sure that the spoils are worth the cost. To prevent yourself from losing more than you gain, you must find a way to control your emotions.

What you are trying to achieve

The Hanged Man represents transitions. This is often an indicate that events in your life have got you rethinking your priorities and as a result your goals are in a state of transition. This card is an indication that you have to be prepared to dance to a different drummer as your life changes to reflect new goals and values.

Factors you may not be considering

The Six of Cups indicates that your inner child is influencing your current situation. This may indicate that you need more time to enjoy yourself. On the other hand, it may indicate that you are not taking responsibility for your choices. In both cases, this card is telling you that you need to balance your work with your play.

Influences from the past

The High Priestess is about secrets. In a past position she represents a secret that has recently been revealed. The ramifications of this secret are influencing the present and possibly the future.

Factors that may influence the future

As the Three of Wands reminds us to plan for the future, being in a future position this card is indicating that you may not be as fully prepared to reach your goals as you think. This often indicates that you are thinking too much about the future and not enough about the present. Remember that in order to reach an ideal future there has to be a path to that future and that path has to pass through the present.

How you are viewing the situation

To see things as the Two of Wands does means proving that you mean business. This card is about trying to finding your place in the world. The best way to do this is to show the world you can do what you say you can by actually accomplishing your goals.

How others are viewing you

Others seeing you as the sun is is an indication that you are in the spotlight. Your energy and confidence can lead to success. Success is the time when you finally get to reap the rewards for all the hard work that you have done.

Your current hopes and fears

The fear that the Five of Swords brings is that the odds are against you and that you will have to make a retreat. The hope is that despite the odds you will be able to overcome them and claim victory.

Potential outcome

Seven of Wands is about sticking to your guns. Sometimes, it is difficult to make a stand. You might agree with a cause but ask yourself, 'is this really worth fighting for?' If you are not defending yourself it is easy to ignore the problem. The problem with doing this is failing to correct wrongs gives the wrong-doer incentive to escalate their misdeeds.

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