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Where you are now

The Hermit searches for inner wisdom. Of course, knowledge can sometimes be a burden, as most knowledge can be used for good or for evil depending on which hands it ends up in. The question then becomes who can you trust? Fear of revealing a powerful secret to the wrong person can lead a person to a more isolated lifestyle. As the saying goes, 'Discretion is the better part of valour.'

What are you focusing on

Ace of Cups indicates that the early stages of love or romance are in the air. This may indicate that you have a desire for greater intimacy.

What is making your task difficult

The Star symbolizes hope. This card in the blockage position often indicates that your ideas may be set too high. While it may be possible to reach your goals, you need to make the steps toward your goal smaller and more manageable. Trust in yourself and your judgement and you will eventually be able to realize your dreams.

What do you need to reach your goal

King of Wands is the master of his own destiny. He is telling you that to reach your goals you need to take charge of them. While some risks may have to be taken to achieve your goals, make sure that the risks are measured ones based on your previous experiences. Remember that leadership is gained by proving you can accomplish things, not by telling others what to do.

Hidden insight

As the King of Pentacles is about worldly power, one can assume that this is an indication that you should focus on business. Often this card represents a real person in your life. This person is a business leader who is responsible and supportive. This person may be trying to be supportive of your goals, but he should be considered a mentor not an investor.

Potential outcome

The Knight of Pentacles is about being realistic. Appearing in the future position often indicates that you are too practical. You are afraid to take chances and try new things. While there may be risks to trying something new, there are also payoffs. If there is something you are hesitating about, take a look at what the risks are as they may not be as high as you fear.

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