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Where you are now

The Ten of Wands indicates that a burden is being carried. This is a good indication that you are pushing yourself to the limit. You need to find a way to lighten your load otherwise you will be unable to see where you are headed.

What are you focusing on

As the King of Wands is the master of his own destiny, this card is an indication that you want to be in charge. The only way to gain true power is by earning it. The best way to earn it is to lead by example. Don't expect others to do the heavy lifting for you.

What is making your task difficult

Three of Wands reminds us to plan for the future. Far too often people leap before they look. At the same time, planning for the future does not work if you are not taking your present situation into account. Plan for the future but be prepared for roadblocks in your path.

What do you need to reach your goal

The Hierophant reminds you that sometimes you need to stick to your beliefs. Often we let peer pressure guide us. If this pressure is telling you to do something you feel strongly against, perhaps you had better take a step back and take a closer look at your situation.

Hidden insight

The Nine of Cups is encouraging you along. As this card is about wish fulfilment, it is telling you that you are able to success at what you wish to do as long as you are willing to put in the effort to succeed. If you put in the effort, your wishes can come true.

Potential outcome

As the Two of Cups is a lesser version of the lovers, this card in a future position means that you will be establishing some type of bond in the near future. While this can certainly mean romance, other types of relationships would also qualify.

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