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Where you are now

The Five of Swords can be interpreted as either retreat or as conquest. As a conquest card, this card represents winning a battle against the odds. The battle is a metaphor for any of life's many struggles. If the card is being interpreted as representing retreat, then the card is all about accepting your limitations.

What are you focusing on

The Six of Pentacles is an indication that you may need more charitable goals. In times of abundance and prosperity it is important to support causes that are important to you.

What is making your task difficult

The Hanged Man represents transitions. In a blockage position, this card is asking you if you are really sure you know what you really want? Perhaps you need to take a look at your situation from a different perspective. You may discover that what you are fighting for is not really that important to you. Your time and energy may be better spent at something else.

What do you need to reach your goal

The Nine of Pentacles is all about self-reliance. This indicates that you will need to use self-discipline in order to accomplish your goals.

Hidden insight

The Moon is a magical card representing the dream realm. It is a reminder that mystery is a part of life. Often it is an indication of dishonesty. This dishonesty may stem from someone else but often is from yourself not wanting to see the truth as the illusions you are portraying for yourself are more compelling. Unfortunately, the problem with illusions is that they are not real. Reality always wins out in the end.

Potential outcome

Three of Pentacles is an indication of craftsmanship. In the future position this is an indication that if you work hard and continue to demonstrate your abilities you will grow professionally.

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