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Where you are now

The Five of Pentacles represents hardship. It is about being too proud to accept help. Being lonely or having been excluded from a group. This card gives us a representation of poverty or times of tight resources. It is a reminder that not everything goes our way and sometimes our choices can lead to unfortunate results.

What are you focusing on

The Six of Wands is about victory. This can either indicate that you are well on your way to achieving your goals or it may indicate that you wish to be the center of attention. One downside of victory that you must be aware of is the feeling of superiority. Just because you have come out ahead today does not mean that you will always come out ahead.

What is making your task difficult

Nine of Swords is about facing a new challenge. You are overburdened by the feeling that you may have done something wrong. Remember that it is always darkest before the dawn.

What do you need to reach your goal

The Two of Pentacles is about juggling your needs. This often indicates that to reach your goal you will need to juggle many things at once. Having confidence in your abilities will make this much easier to accomplish. There is a way to find a balance between different or conflicting needs.

Hidden insight

The Moon is a magical card representing the dream realm. It is a reminder that mystery is a part of life. Often it is an indication of dishonesty. This dishonesty may stem from someone else but often is from yourself not wanting to see the truth as the illusions you are portraying for yourself are more compelling. Unfortunately, the problem with illusions is that they are not real. Reality always wins out in the end.

Potential outcome

Two of Swords is about denial so being in a future position, this card is a warning that if you do not take a realistic look at what is currently happening to you, things may not turn out pleasantly. You have choices available to you but you need to be aware of them in order to choose. If you do remove the rose-coloured glasses and are able to make a choice, you have the ability to succeed.

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