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Where you are now

Seven of Pentacles represents the fruit of your labour. This card is all about being rewarded in the future for your efforts today.

What are you focusing on

The Ten of Wands is a sign that is telling you that your plate may already be full. There is only so much that a single person is capable of handling. Pushing yourself to the limit only works in the short term, in the long term the constant struggle can drain you of the energy you need to succeed.

What is making your task difficult

Queen of Wands represents optimism. This card in a blockage position is suggesting that you have lost touch with your optimist side. You need to regain this optimism by figuring out where you need to be heading and letting your intuition guide you down that path.

What do you need to reach your goal

The Page of Cups is about trusting your feelings. By listening to your intuition you may be able to find creative solutions to the roadblocks that are preventing you from reaching your goals.

Hidden insight

Your present situation is being influenced by the Nine of Wands. This is an indication that you have the perseverance to succeed. The best way to move forward then is to take an honest look at yourself. Strength can be gained through self-awareness.

Potential outcome

Seven of Wands is about sticking to your guns. Sometimes, it is difficult to make a stand. You might agree with a cause but ask yourself, 'is this really worth fighting for?' If you are not defending yourself it is easy to ignore the problem. The problem with doing this is failing to correct wrongs gives the wrong-doer incentive to escalate their misdeeds.

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