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Tarot -Decision Maker

Decision Maker

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Where you are now

The Ten of Pentacles represents wealth. This is an indication that you are currently entering into a successful or prosperous phase of your life and should try and make the most of it. While success is often attributed with wealth, having a happy family life can be far more valuable to many people.

What are you focusing on

The Chariot is an indication that your goals may not be compatible and that they are pulling you in different directions. It may be possible to find a compromising path that allows for your different goals to co-exist, but that may not always be possible or may require you lower some of your goals. The key here is to take a close look at your goals and make decisions based on what you believe in.

What is making your task difficult

The Moon is a magical card representing the dream realm. As a blockage card this indicates unrealistic dreams. This may mean that your dreams simply may not be reachable, but more often then not indicate that your plans for obtaining your dreams is flawed. The biggest flaw in plans is making assumptions. The biggest assumption that I personally make is assuming that I will not run into any unforeseen problems. Figuring out what your assumptions are and learning to anticipate them make realistic planning more achievable.

What do you need to reach your goal

The Empress is reminding you that as you push ahead with your plans, make sure you have allocated some time for yourself. It is easy to put the needs of the people you care abbot ahead of yourself, so having some time allocated for yourself will allow you to relax and unleash you creativity.

Hidden insight

With the Two of Wands influencing you. now it the time to show the world that you mean business. This can be done through demonstrating your skills and creativity. While trying to showcase your existing talents it would be wise to embrace new ideas and widen your perspective. The more that you are able to do, the more you can potentially achieve.

Potential outcome

Judgement is about finding the truth and facing up to the facts. Have you really lived life to your potential? Have you been the best person you are capable of being or have you let greed destroy your soul?

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