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Where you are now

The Ten of Pentacles represents wealth. This is an indication that you are currently entering into a successful or prosperous phase of your life and should try and make the most of it. While success is often attributed with wealth, having a happy family life can be far more valuable to many people.

What are you focusing on

The Emperor is the ruler, which is often an indication that your goals are control related. This card represents power, authority and leadership so it is likely that you wish to be in charge of your situation.

What is making your task difficult

Seven of Wands represents defiance. While sticking to your principles can be a noble thing, you really need to ask yourself if something really is worth fighting for.

What do you need to reach your goal

The Knight of Cups is about idealization. He often shows up in highly charged emotional situations. When it comes to achieving your goals, he may be telling you that you are too emotionally involved with your goal to see things rationally. Of course, if your goal is romantic in nature, then he is probably reflecting the fact that romance is in the air.

Hidden insight

The Six of Swords is influencing you. It is telling you to put the problems of the past behind you. Now is the time for recovery. Remember that better times are ahead of you.

Potential outcome

In a future outcome position, the Page of Wands symbolizes the enthusiasm and opportunities that surround starting a new adventure such as a new school or university, a new or first job, moving to a new city, traveling to a different country, or starting a new hobby. This adventure can be interpreted as something you will be starting in the future but may also reflect somebody that you know.

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