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Tarot - Horseshoe


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Influences from the past

The Eight of Clubs is about re-evaluating your priorities. While this could be considered the end of a relationship, it could also be considered to be a time for a new start. Being in the past position this card likely represents a re-evaluation that you have made but simply have not acted upon due to procrastination or fear.

What is going on now

While Justice is not perfect it always tries to be fair. This card is all about taking responsibility for your actions. Before making a decision you should make sure you take a look at both sides of an argument.

Factors you may not be considering

The Magician is influencing your present situation. This is usually a good sign as the Magician takes advantage of the tools available to him to solve his problems. This is an indication that you are already in possession of the tools necessary to solve your current problems it is now just a matter of focusing on the right goals and having the determination to reach your goal.

What is preventing your efforts

Some see the card as an apocalyptic card, while we at Blazing Games see this card as more of an awakening. This card when in a blockage position is a wake-up call. There are consequences for your actions. While the consequences may not apply now, they will impact your future so it is important to put your past mistakes behind you and try to live a virtuous life.

Your current environment

The Eight of Wands is a fast paced environment where everything is up in the air. Things will be happening really quickly now so you had better be prepared to think on your feet. In this environment, knowing your priorities is vital. Focus on your primary goals first, then if there is time deal with all the other stuff. Remember that you are only a single person and you have limits to how much you are able to accomplish.

The action to consider taking

The Five of Wands is a reminder that things do not always go as planned. This is not an excuse not to have a plan, but a reminder that your competitors also have plans and those plans may conflict with your plans. Setbacks are going to happen, but when they do make sure you have the willpower to continue on to the finish line.

Potential outcome

the Seven of Pentacles is often interpreted as indicating growth and good fortune. As a future outcome this should be used as a reminder that you need to evaluate your progress in the projects that are important to you. While not all projects will pay off in wealth, there are many other forms of payout that can prove to be equally or even greater rewarding. Just be sure that you appreciate the gains from your effort instead of asking 'what is next?'

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