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Tarot - Horseshoe


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Influences from the past

Six of Pentacles is about charity. In the past position, this is an indication that the charitable things you have done in the past are influencing your present situation. Often the influence that charity has on the future is based on the true reason behind the charity. Were your charitable contributions given to flaunt your success and superiority, or to aid those in need.

What is going on now

The Queen of Swords is up front and honest using logic and rational thinking to solve her problems. While this card may be used to represent a real person, it is also likely to be telling you to take a realistic look at your current situation and use your brain to solve your current problems.

Factors you may not be considering

As World card represents the end of the journey, it is likely that your current situation may be coming to an end. Depending on your situation this may indicate that celebrations are in order or it may indicate a time to recharge your batteries. In either case, you should take the time to reflect on things and find your place in the order of things.

What is preventing your efforts

The Page of Wands represents Enthusiasm. As a blockage, this card warns you that temptations for the new are causing you to forget what you already have. Remember that a bird in hand is better than two birds in a bush.

Your current environment

The Hanged Man represents transitions. When in an environment of change, it is often wise to try and look at things from different angles. You may find that your priorities are changing. If so, be prepared to dance to a different drummer.

The action to consider taking

The Two of Swords is usually and indication that you are in denial of the truth as it relates to your goals. Pretending that things are different does not alter reality but can make you unable to see all the choices available to you. The choices are there, so face reality and start making the choices necessary to succeed at your goals.

Potential outcome

Judgement is about finding the truth and facing up to the facts. Have you really lived life to your potential? Have you been the best person you are capable of being or have you let greed destroy your soul?

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