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Tarot - Horseshoe


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Influences from the past

The Magician is in control of himself and his environment. In the past position he represents the focus needed to accomplish a task that you have recently started. Remember that there are often many separate components that have to come together in order for you to accomplish your goals.

What is going on now

The Four of Cups is about apathy. The presence of this card indicates that it may be time for self-reflection. By taking a serious look at what is the root causes of your current concerns, there is a chance for self-enlightenment. Remember that there are always at least two sides to every issue. Instead of worrying about what other people think, you should focus on what is right for you. Things may not be working out right now, but if you accept your flaws and try to improve your weaknesses then the resulting growth should lead to good things.

Factors you may not be considering

The Emperor is the ruler and the one in charge. As an influencing card, this often indicates that you are feeling suppressed by someone in a position of power over you. While you need to stick to the rules, a willingness to fight for what is right may be in order. Remember that your life is yours so if things are going against your best interests you should be prepared to take control of the situation.

What is preventing your efforts

Ace of Cups indicates that the early stages of love or romance are in the air. In a blockage position this card often indicates that what you truly desire may be right in front of you but you are not noticing it though it may also indicate that you are letting your emotions hide you from the reality of your current situation.

Your current environment

The Eight of Swords represents vulnerability. When you are in a vulnerable spot, it is best to remember that a situation is only hopeless if you have given up hope. While you may be feeling tied up and helpless, you are not without the resources to get out of your current situation.

The action to consider taking

The Knight of Pentacles emphasizes that hard work will be required to achieve your goal. A knight in shining armour is not likely to show up and do your work for you. If somebody is going to do your work then there will be a cost, possibly hidden. If you are practical about your goals and willing to put in the necessary effort, you can be victorious.

Potential outcome

The Four of Swords in a future position is an indication that you are being haunted by the past. Sometimes we put too much weight on past events and this causes us to be paralysed when it comes to moving forward. Again, contemplation and rational thinking is what allows us to find the path forward.

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