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Tarot - Horseshoe


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Influences from the past

Four of Wands may be about celebration and joy, but when it is in the past position the remaining cards in the layout are important in understanding how to interpret the meaning of this card. In negative layouts, it is probably an indication that you are spending too much time celebrating and not enough time actually doing the necessary work to remain successful. In a positive reading, it is a reminder of what you have accomplished to reach your current position.

What is going on now

The Empress represents feminine nurturing. Abundance, creativity, and fertility are associated with her. Often this card is associated with the luxuries of life, art and beauty, and other extravagances. She can also reflect the darker side of humanity by showing the greed and over-indulgence that often comes with a high-end life-style.

Factors you may not be considering

Often the Page of Cups is used to represent a real person that you know. This person is most likely a young person who is falling in love for the first time. This could also be anybody who is experiencing the youthful attitude that is often associated with falling in love. You are somehow being affected by this person. Perhaps he or she is reminding you of your younger days or encouraging you to renew your existing love.

What is preventing your efforts

The World card represents the end of the journey. As a blockage card, this is an indication that your plans may not go as planned. Not every outcome is a great one. Coming to terms with yourself and your place in the universe, however, can be a reward in itself. Some people have a tendency to put their fate in the hands of a higher power failing to take responsibility for their actions. While a higher power may guide us, ultimately our fate is in our own hands.

Your current environment

With Justice forming the environment around you, taking responsibility for your actions is paramount. Justice can be thought of as a scale where you take a look at both sides of an argument and try to balance them. Not all arguments are equal, so it is important to weigh the merits of each argument when making a decision. Rational thinking and logic are vital to making quality decisions.

The action to consider taking

The Ten of Cups is about family. The family can be considered to be your safe haven. Make sure that when you are working on your goals that your family is part of the plan. Remember that your family is an important aspect of your life.

Potential outcome

The Ten of Wands indicates that a burden is being carried. When your burden becomes too great, you risk loosing the ability to see where you are going. Days start bleeding together to the point where everything becomes a blur. At this point your life starts to resemble writers block. The solution to this is to reduce your burden and find some time for your self.

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