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Tarot - Horseshoe


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Influences from the past

The High Priestess is about secrets. In a past position she represents a secret that has recently been revealed. The ramifications of this secret are influencing the present and possibly the future.

What is going on now

The Five of Wands indicates that a struggle of some kind is taking place. This struggle is not necessarily a physical struggle or or a conflict with another person but can also reflect a struggle with a project you are working on. There is an old military saying, 'No battle plan survives the battle.' After all, your rivals also have a plan so even though you may feel challenged, indulge in the competition as that is the way to win the battle.

Factors you may not be considering

The King of Swords is influencing your current situation. He is all about analytical leadership. This may be an indication that you need to use your mind to get through your current situation. It should be noted that the King often represents a real person in your life. He is the type of person who believes in researching a problem so if you are having trouble coming up with a plan, this person may be a good person to get advice from.

What is preventing your efforts

The Magician is able to take full advantage of the tools available to him. Often, however, the Magician is only aware of the physical world around him and is not in tune with his emotional side. There is more to the world than material gains, and often the non-material aspects of the universe are worth far more than material wealth.

Your current environment

The Knight of Swords represents a Knight charging into battle. While often this indicates that the environment you are currently surrounded by requires that you lead by example. This does not necessarily indicate that aggression is required. This simply indicates that a struggle of some kind is going to occur and you must be willing to make a stand.

The action to consider taking

The Nine of Pentacles is all about self-reliance. This indicates that you will need to use self-discipline in order to accomplish your goals.

Potential outcome

The King of Cups represents a person who holds wisdom and control over his emotions through a lifetime of experience. While often it represents a real person in your life that is influencing you, in the future position it likely an indication that you will be gaining knowledge about your limitations and as a result develop the tolerance and self-discipline to become a king of stability.

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