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Tarot - Horseshoe


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Influences from the past

Five of Wands in the past position is about a struggle or conflict that you have had in the past that may be related to your current situation. Rivalry is a part of life, and your rival has plans just like you do so the old saying that no battle plan survives the battle is apt.

What is going on now

The Ten of Pentacles represents wealth. This is an indication that you are currently entering into a successful or prosperous phase of your life and should try and make the most of it. While success is often attributed with wealth, having a happy family life can be far more valuable to many people.

Factors you may not be considering

Influencing your present situation is the Page of Pentacles. This is a card that often reflects ambition. As an influencing card, it is trying to tell you that you need to be aware of your limitations. Wanting to be preposterous to the point where your other needs are ignored is a recipe for disaster.

What is preventing your efforts

Nine of Wands is about perseverance. In the blockage position this is an indication that you are worried about the future. As long as you are ready to defend yourself should the need arise, you should be able to handle what is thrown at you.

Your current environment

The Ten of Cups presents you with a safe environment. This is the time where you feel in tune with the universe as you start to reap the harvest from all the seeds that you have sown in the past.

The action to consider taking

Death reminds you that all things must end. While this can be looked at as an ominous sign, with endings comes new beginnings. This card can be used as a reminder that there are three types of actions. Opening moves, mid game positioning, and the end-game. All the moves ultimately have the goal of giving you the best end-game position.

Potential outcome

The Four of Swords in a future position is an indication that you are being haunted by the past. Sometimes we put too much weight on past events and this causes us to be paralysed when it comes to moving forward. Again, contemplation and rational thinking is what allows us to find the path forward.

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