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Tarot - Horseshoe


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Influences from the past

The Seven of Swords is about secrets and deception. Being in the past position is probably an indication that your current situation is a result of such secrets or deception. This may mean that you are dealing with a liar or a cheat in which case you should remember that not everybody is exactly as they appear.

What is going on now

The Nine of Cups is about wish-fulfilment. This card is about being happy with your success. You should be sure to count your blessing. Remember, though, that just because you have success now doesn't mean you will always have it. Be careful not to over-indulge wasting the gains that you have made. There are always other people who want what you have so be sure that you don't coast along. With your wishes coming true, now is the time to work hard to keep them.

Factors you may not be considering

The Hermit represents the most secretive part of ourselves. This is an indication that your present situation is best served by discretion. It is best to reflect carefully on your current situation before taking action.

What is preventing your efforts

The Ten of Cups is your safe-haven and is all about family. When this card appears in a blockage position it is often an indication that you are so busy dreaming about a happily-ever-after future that you are not able to see what you already have. Perhaps now is the time to take a look around you because you might find that things are better then you realize.

Your current environment

The King of Pentacles is about worldly power. He brings with him an environment of success. The best way to achieve this success is to be careful to to take on more than you can handle.

The action to consider taking

The Two of Swords is usually and indication that you are in denial of the truth as it relates to your goals. Pretending that things are different does not alter reality but can make you unable to see all the choices available to you. The choices are there, so face reality and start making the choices necessary to succeed at your goals.

Potential outcome

As the Nine of Pentacles represents the nest-egg, the future position is a reminder that you need to be sure to put away for the future. Situations can change very quickly and unless you have something put away in case of emergency, rapid change can be very devastating.

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