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Tarot - Love Test


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My romantic intentions

As the Two of Wands represents finding your place in the world, when applied to relationships this card is about finding your place in your current relationship. It is not just how you fit into the relationship that is important, but how that relationship impacts your life in general.

The Strength I have to offer

The Strength that the World card represents is the ability to come to terms with who you are and what your place in the universe is. By knowing where you currently stand, you can find a path to where you want to be. While not all journeys have a happy ending, knowing what problems may be in your path will make a successful journey much more likely.

The Weakness that I have

The weakness that the Star brings is overly high expectations. While there is nothing wrong with aiming high, trying to get too much done with not enough resources is a recipe for disaster.

Strength in partner to look for

The strength that the Four of Wands represents is freedom. While this card is often associated with celebration and joy, this joy is often the results of being free from obligations. The key to gaining this freedom is simply knowing what things are important to you and making sure those things are taken care of.

Weakness in partner to avoid

The weakness brought by the Two of Swords is denial. The Two likes to hide his or her emotions while pretending that things are different. Hiding from the truth does not change the truth. The truth exists no matter what you believe while lies vanish once they have been exposed.

What is at the heart of the relationship?

At the heart of a relationship revolving around the Nine of Wands is perseverance. This is about making sure that the relationship can survive the pressures that are going to be attacking it. Sometimes the best way of dealing with these outside forces is to move as far from them as possible but running away from a problem is at best a temporary solution as problems have a tendency of following you.

Making the relationship work

To make a relationship with the Tower work, you need to focus on building a strong foundation. The strength of the relationship is based on the strength of the foundation. A strong foundation means that the relationship will be able to withstand the challenges that will be thrown at it.

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