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Tarot - Love Test


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My romantic intentions

Judgement is about seeking out the truth. As your relationship starts to grow, it is important to make sure the foundations of the relationship are built upon reality and are not lies and deception.

The Strength I have to offer

The strength that Strength brings is the willingness to take responsibility for your actions. Many people want to be in control of their lives but at the same time do not want to take responsibility for their inevitable mistakes. The person who has Strength behind them knows that mistakes need to be accounted for and know that we learn and grow as human beings by making mistakes so they feel no shame when a mistake is made but instead try to rectify the situation.

The Weakness that I have

While the Lovers is often about love and completeness, the weakness it brings is desire and lust. It is often hard to distinguish between love and lust.

Strength in partner to look for

The strength that the Empress brings with her, in addition to her natural caring nature, is creativity. The Empress loves to express her love of live through the creative means available. This creativity can take many forms. While artistic talents are the most common expression, other creative endeavours such as cooking or even event organizing can be outlets for creativity.

Weakness in partner to avoid

The weakness that the Page of Pentacles brings is the desire to be prosperous to the point that other needs are ignored. There is nothing wrong with having ambitious plans, but your own needs have to be part of the plans.

What is at the heart of the relationship?

When the Four of Cups is at the heart of the relationship, it is likely that you are seeing only the problems that the relationship brings and not the rewards. All relationships are going to have their ups and downs. When you focus on the downs without considering the ups you cause the relationship to go into a downward spiral that can often result in the destruction of something that was actually good.

Making the relationship work

The key to making a relationship revolving around the Nine of Wands work is self-awareness. In a relationship this involves not only knowing yourself but also knowing your partner. Remember that a relationship is simply two entities that are coming together as one greater whole. The best way to make something out of multiple parts is to find the best fit between the different pieces.

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