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Tarot - Love Test


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My romantic intentions

The intentions of the Emperor is to be the ruler and the one in charge. When applied to a relationship this is an indication that the relationship revolves around a set of rules that dictate the expectations of each other. If both parties agree to and help determine these rules then the relationship can work wonderfully. On the other hand, if only one party is creating the rules and expects the other to follow then there is great potential for a problematic or even abusive relationship.

The Strength I have to offer

The strength that the Empress brings with her, in addition to her natural caring nature, is creativity. The Empress loves to express her love of live through the creative means available. This creativity can take many forms. While artistic talents are the most common expression, other creative endeavours such as cooking or even event organizing can be outlets for creativity.

The Weakness that I have

The weakness of the Seven of Cups is that it presents you with to many options. This makes deciding what path to take difficult. This can be very problematic if you are an over-achiever at heart. Over-achievers will have the additional problem of trying to achieve too much and as a result not being able to accomplish anything.

Strength in partner to look for

The strength of the Knight of Wands comes from his vibrant energy. He is ready at a moments notice to travel great distances in order to get his job done.

Weakness in partner to avoid

As the Hanged Man represents being in a state of transition, the weakness that this card brings is not knowing what it is that you really want. When things start changing and you have to dance to a different drummer figuring out which drummer to follow can be a tough decision. Ultimately the decision has to be to move towards the choice that best helps you achieve your long-term goals.

What is at the heart of the relationship?

When the Six of Cups is at the heart of the relationship, sharing and playfulness become important. This card is, after all, about innocence and childhood. No matter how long the relationship has lasted, having fun together is always important.

Making the relationship work

When you are trying to make a relationship with the Chariot work, you must consider your relationship as a partnership and the rest of the world being your competition in the race of life. The goal is to find the best path possible to the finish line. This is done by taking advantage of the strength that each partner brings while downplaying the weaknesses.

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