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Tarot - Love Test


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My romantic intentions

When it comes to relationships, the Wheel of Fortune knows that all relationships go through ups and downs. The intention of the Wheel of Fortune is to form a relationship that is strong enough to survive the downs while enjoying the ups.

The Strength I have to offer

The Page of Wands has Enthusiasm as his or her main strength. This willingness to get things done and to try new things allows you accomplish things even when you are heading into unknown territory.

The Weakness that I have

While the Lovers is often about love and completeness, the weakness it brings is desire and lust. It is often hard to distinguish between love and lust.

Strength in partner to look for

The strength that the Page of Cups brings is the ability to rediscover the joys you have forgotten about. In this fast paced world it is easy to forget or take for granted the things that make you happy and allow you to make it through the tough times. Bu being able to appreciate these things you are able to find more joy in your life.

Weakness in partner to avoid

The weakness of the Six of Pentacles is the downsides that charity brings. While charity is usually a good thing, there is a down side to it. Sometimes people use charity of a way of seeking the approval of others. Some people use charity as a way of judging others. They support charity work not for the benefit of others but only as a way of wielding power over those who have hit hard times. Anybody can have a string of bad luck and as a result be in a position to require the charity of others

What is at the heart of the relationship?

At the heart of your relationship is the Four of Swords. This is a card about contemplation. It is about figuring out the mistakes of the past and contemplating the best path to take in the future.

Making the relationship work

To make a relationship work with Justice, cause and effect must be considered. To keep the relationship working, both partners must contribute equally, though the types of contributions may vary drastically. Ultimately, each partner should be contributing their strengths to make up for the weaknesses of their partner.

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