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Tarot - Love Test


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My romantic intentions

The intentions of the Nine of Pentacles in regards to a relationship, is to make sure the relationship is something that will last. To make a relationship self-reliant, both partners must balance each other. The strength of one partner should counter the weakness of the other so that together they form a greater whole.

The Strength I have to offer

As the High Priestess is the holder of secrets, the strength she brings is the ability to look behind the obvious and see the truth of the situation. Often things are not as they appear to be so knowing how to read between the lines is a great strength to have.

The Weakness that I have

The weakness brought by the Queen of Cups is caring about others more than yourself. Having great empathy can be a wonderful thing but it is always important to remember that you are also important. If you are finding that you are constantly nurturing others without any reciprocation, then perhaps you need to stop over-supporting them and spend some of that energy on caring for yourself.

Strength in partner to look for

The strength of the Five of Pentacles is the ability to handle hardship. By searching ones sole you are able to find ways of surviving even in the harshest of times.

Weakness in partner to avoid

The weakness that the Ace of Wands brings is thinking that an idea in and of itself has value. While what you wish to do may be worthwhile, the value comes from the immense effort that is required to take an idea and turn it into something that is real. By not thinking about the work involved you may be overestimating the worth of your ideas. After all, ideas are a dime a dozen and that is probably a highly inflated price.

What is at the heart of the relationship?

When the Eight of Pentacles is at the heart of a relationship, things are starting to get repetitive. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Still, nothing is stopping you from focusing on the details to bring new life to things.

Making the relationship work

Death reflects the simple fact that all things must end, but endings usually result in new beginnings. When applied to relationships, this is often an indication that the relationship is changing. You can either grow with the relationship or hold on to the past causing the relationship to whither.

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