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Tarot - Mystic Seven

Mystic Seven

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Your current situation

The Hierophant represents tradition and the ceremonies associated with a system of beliefs. Remember that the truth doesn't care about what you believe so if your beliefs do not seem to reflect reality then you should take a closer look at what you believe. Remember that often there are multiple ways of interpreting things and unscrupulous people will often interpret things in ways that best fit their goals. If someone in a position of power is often interpreting things in a less-than-ideal way, perhaps you should see if that person truly has your needs in mind.

What is in your way

Five of Wands is about conflict and struggles. This indicates that frustrating conditions surround you. It is important to remember the military saying 'No battle plan survives the battle.' You have to be ready to adapt to changing conditions.

What you are hoping to achieve

Ace of Cups indicates that the early stages of love or romance are in the air. This may indicate that you have a desire for greater intimacy.

What is influencing your efforts

The Ten of Swords is influencing your present situation. This may mean tha some sacrifices will be necessary. This card indicates that you are reaching a turning point. While it may seem that everyone is out to get you, that is not the case.

Past influences

Seven of Wands is about defiance. This card is about sticking to your guns. The presence of this card in the past position may indicate a recent battle that you may have had. All actions have consequences, even nobble actions such as standing up for your principles. While sometimes good deeds may be punished, karma has a way of rewarding those who stand up for what they believe in.

The near future

The Four of Cups in the near future is a warning that you may be missing something that is right in front of you. This is likely the result of withdrawal due to problems. When things start going wrong, it is natural to only see the problems below and not notice the opportunity that is hovering above you. Try not to be so obsessed with your problems that you fail to see the opportunity.

Potential outcome

The Page of Cups is about new or renewed love, which is a good indication that there will be romance in the future. In any relationship you need to be aware of what both you and your partner are bringing to the relationship so if your current relationship seems to be stagnating, perhaps you need to be more sensitive to the needs of your partner in order to get the energy and creativity associated with being in love to blossom.

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