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Tarot - Mystic Seven

Mystic Seven

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Your current situation

The Queen of Swords is up front and honest using logic and rational thinking to solve her problems. While this card may be used to represent a real person, it is also likely to be telling you to take a realistic look at your current situation and use your brain to solve your current problems.

What is in your way

The Ace of Wands is about starting a new venture. The blockage that this card represents is the fact that ideas by themselves are worthless. It is the work that is required to make an idea a reality that brings value to an idea. Too many people have ideas but never bother to do the work require to make the idea valuable.

What you are hoping to achieve

The Judgement card can be thought of as representing your karma. Your actions affect your karma, with good actions lightening the weight of your soul and bad actions increasing the weight of your soul. Your goals in life have an impact on your karma, so remember that there are consequences for your actions and make sure that your goals will result in a soul that is lighter than a feather.

What is influencing your efforts

The Emperor is the ruler and the one in charge. As an influencing card, this often indicates that you are feeling suppressed by someone in a position of power over you. While you need to stick to the rules, a willingness to fight for what is right may be in order. Remember that your life is yours so if things are going against your best interests you should be prepared to take control of the situation.

Past influences

The Magician is in control of himself and his environment. In the past position he represents the focus needed to accomplish a task that you have recently started. Remember that there are often many separate components that have to come together in order for you to accomplish your goals.

The near future

The Hermit represents the most secretive part of ourselves. This indicates that the near future will involve your search for inner wisdom. Often the best way to do soul searching is by withdrawing to a private place where you can be alone with your thoughts.

Potential outcome

Seven of Wands is about sticking to your guns. Sometimes, it is difficult to make a stand. You might agree with a cause but ask yourself, 'is this really worth fighting for?' If you are not defending yourself it is easy to ignore the problem. The problem with doing this is failing to correct wrongs gives the wrong-doer incentive to escalate their misdeeds.

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