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Tarot - Mystic Seven

Mystic Seven

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Your current situation

The Four of Wands is about joy and celebration. It is about freedom. The key to freedom is to focus on meeting your own expectations and not what other people are expecting of you.

What is in your way

Strength does not necessarily refer to physical strength, but also describes strength in your thought process, willingness to take action, and emotional strength. When in a blockage position, Strength often indicates that you are giving too much of yourself. Strength may also indicate that you need to be tolerant of other peoples faults. Remember that brute force is not always the best way of handling things.

What you are hoping to achieve

The Seven of Wands is an indication that your principles will be the predominate factor when prioritizing your goals. It is a noble thing to be able to stick to your guns. Making a stand is one thing, but sometimes it is a pointless battle. It is advisable to think about the impact your stand will really have while at the same time remembering that if you don't make a stand, who will.

What is influencing your efforts

The Ten of Wands is warning you that the burdens being carried may be too much. You may want to lighten your load. You are not Atlas, and don't need to carry the weight of the world on your shoulder.

Past influences

The act of martyrdom is associated with the Ten of Swords. While being a martyr is usually associated with death, it can also be thought of as a great sacrifice for your beliefs. In a past position, this can then be thought of as a previous sacrifice that you have made.

The near future

The Three of Pentacles in the future position indicates that you have grown in your field of endeavour. This is likely an indication that you will need to acquire the skills necessary to succeed in your field.

Potential outcome

Wheel of Fortune in the future position does not mean that you will be buying vowels in the future. It is a reminder that life is a cycle of ups and downs. The only constant in life is uncertainty so it is best to try your best and hope that luck decides to shine on you.

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