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Tarot - Mystic Seven

Mystic Seven

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Your current situation

The Two of Pentacles is about juggling your needs. While you may have to deal with several problems at the same time, you have enough confidence in your abilities to succeed. Sometimes it may seem as if there are just too many different things to juggle, but you have to find a way to balance different and possibly conflicting needs.

What is in your way

Six of Wands is all about victory. As a blockage card, this is an indication that you may be letting your victories get to your head. Pride comes before a fall.

What you are hoping to achieve

The Two of Swords is a possible warning that some of your goals are not realistic. For a goal to be realistic, it has to be substantially based on the truth. The Two of Swords hints that you may be in denial about something. While pretending things are different can be a good coping mechanism, it can lead you down the wrong path. Have confidence in your abilities and try to choose the right path.

What is influencing your efforts

The Ace of Cups is influencing your current situation. While this card is often associated with the start of a new romance, it also likes to remind people that often what you truly desire may be right in front of you but you are not able to see it.

Past influences

Death is about new beginnings. The old must die to make way for the new which means that sometimes you need to let go of the past to embrace the changes that are coming your way. The presence of this card in the past position likely reflects that you are still holding on to the past instead of accepting the truth. In order to achieve a positive outcome, you will probably have to change something about your life in order to reach your full potential.

The near future

A focus on the quality of your work is the near future that the Eight of Pentacles brings with it. Expanding your skills so you can do a quality job should be an important part of your future.

Potential outcome

The Hermit represents the most secretive part of our selves. Being in the future position is an indication that to avoid a negative outcome reflect on your situation carefully before rushing in.

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