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Tarot - Mystic Seven

Mystic Seven

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Your current situation

Three of Wands is about planning for the future. Too many people have a tendency to leap before they look. When making plans, make sure you take a close look at your current situation as thinking about the future while forgetting the present can be just as dangerous as leaping blindly.

What is in your way

The Queen of Cups is about empathy. In a blockage position this card may indicate that either you are too emotional about your current situation to see things clearly or that you are repressing your emotions.

What you are hoping to achieve

The Two of Swords is a possible warning that some of your goals are not realistic. For a goal to be realistic, it has to be substantially based on the truth. The Two of Swords hints that you may be in denial about something. While pretending things are different can be a good coping mechanism, it can lead you down the wrong path. Have confidence in your abilities and try to choose the right path.

What is influencing your efforts

The Four of Swords is influencing you. This is a card about contemplation. It may be time to take a break and re-charge your batteries. This time out will let you better contemplate the future and find solutions to any problems you may face.

Past influences

Dignified, vibrant and full of energy, the King of Wands is the master of his own destiny. In the past position, this card usually indicates a person that you associate this card to has some influence on your present situation.

The near future

Wheel of Fortune is all about luck and the ups and downs of life. In the near future, luck is going to have an impact on your life. Luck representing all the factors that are not under your control and lets face it, there is a limit to how much a person can control. Good luck is often drawn to those who put in the effort so the best thing to do is to try your best and hope that luck takes your side.

Potential outcome

This is a great card in the future position as the Nine of Cups represents wish-fulfilment. This does not mean that all your dreams are about to come true, but all the things you have worked for are a likely outcome. This is an indication that in the future you will be happy with your success and will be counting your blessings.

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