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Tarot - Celtic Cross

Tarot - Past, Present and Future

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The Knight of Wands is an extremely energetic card bringing you good news about a job or relationship. This card is a message that glad tidings and happy events are approaching. The key here is to be patient and don't expect things to be handed to you. This knight is telling you to prepare for things to get exciting.


The Sun is about bearing the fruit of your labours. It is an extremely positive card indicating that your time in the spotlight is near. Being in a past position its interpretation is dependent on the other cards in the layout. A positive layout will indicate that you will be reaping the rewards of your efforts and will be experiencing happiness and joy. In a negative layout, this card still indicates that reaping rewards are possible but you may need to adjust your plans in order to achieve success.


Death, as represented by this card, can be considered a transformation like the caterpillar becoming a butterfly. In order to grow, we have to change and often change results in a loss in some areas of our life while other parts of us grow. Death can be thought of as a door closing behind you. While one door has closed, other doors have opened.

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