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Tarot - Celtic Cross

Tarot - Past, Present and Future

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The Nine of Cups is about wish-fulfilment. This card is about being happy with your success. You should be sure to count your blessing. Remember, though, that just because you have success now doesn't mean you will always have it. Be careful not to over-indulge wasting the gains that you have made. There are always other people who want what you have so be sure that you don't coast along. With your wishes coming true, now is the time to work hard to keep them.


Seven of Wands is about defiance. This card is about sticking to your guns. The presence of this card in the past position may indicate a recent battle that you may have had. All actions have consequences, even nobble actions such as standing up for your principles. While sometimes good deeds may be punished, karma has a way of rewarding those who stand up for what they believe in.


The Ten of Swords in a future outcome position is a mixed blessing as it indicates that a problem that you are currently experiencing will be coming to an end, but to reach that end some personal sacrifice will probably be necessary. Sometimes we have to give up on something or someone and make a clean break. While endings are often hard, the end of something usually means the beginning of something new.

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