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Tarot - Celtic Cross

Tarot - Past, Present and Future

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Temperance is about moderation in all things. It is about the ability to see both sides of an argument. While a willingness to compromise for a win-win result is an asset, there are times when nothing can be done and you must leave dead dogs where they lie.


The Hierophant represents a system of beliefs including the traditional rules and ceremonies associated with those beliefs. In the past position this often indicated that something you believe strongly in is being challenged or an outside authority is attempting to control you in ways that you do not wish to be controlled.


The Eight of Swords represent vulnerability as a result of not being able to see the choices available to you. This is likely the result of wanting to be rescued instead of trying to rescue yourself. Because this card is in the future position, this means that there is a way out of your current crisis as long as you are willing to put in the effort while waiting to be rescued may be a losing proposition.

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