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Tarot - Celtic Cross

Tarot - Past, Present and Future

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The Magician is able to take full advantage of the tools available to him. He has studied his area of expertise and is ready to take on the world. This is and indication that you have all the tools necessary to manage your current situation. The main strength of the Magician is that he is focused on a goal so if you don't have a concrete goal already you should decide what it is that you are actually aiming for.


The Eight of Swords represents vulnerability. In the past position it indicates that your current situation is the result of not being able to see the choices that were available to you. The bright side of this card is that it also indicates that you are not without the resources necessary to get out of your present situation if you put your mind to it.


The Ten of Swords in a future outcome position is a mixed blessing as it indicates that a problem that you are currently experiencing will be coming to an end, but to reach that end some personal sacrifice will probably be necessary. Sometimes we have to give up on something or someone and make a clean break. While endings are often hard, the end of something usually means the beginning of something new.

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