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Tarot - Greatest Weakness

Greatest Weakness

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Your current weakness

The weakness of the Five of Pentacles is not the hardship that it represents but of being too proud to accept help. When you let your pride prevent you from getting needed help you become your own worst enemy.

Your strength that balances the weakness

The strength that the Ten of Swords bring is the willingness to sacrifice yourself for the greater good. The question to always keep in mind is are your sacrifices worthwhile. Making sacrifices for a noble cause is only worthwhile if those sacrifices are going to have some type of impact. Make sure the sacrifices you make are for the right reasons.

What you want to achieve

The Queen of Cups that your goals need to take compassion into account. She is reminding you that emotions are a part of your life. Not every goal should be material in nature, but some of your goals should be in tune with your emotions.

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