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Tarot - Greatest Weakness

Greatest Weakness

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Your current weakness

The weakness of the Page of Swords is a tendency to think he or she knows all the answers. This results in the Page leaping into things before being ready.

Your strength that balances the weakness

The strength that the Hermit brings is an ability to take a careful look at a given situation before taking action. The Hermit feels no need to be the center of attention, and probably prefers to remain in the background. This lack of pressure allows the Hermit the necessary time to properly assess things making his decisions much more informed and reliable.

What you want to achieve

The Knight of Pentacles is practical when it comes to matters of the material world. This is an indication that you need to take a look at your goals and make sure that they are realistic. Ambitious goals are fine, as long as they do not rely on yet-to-occur events. Make sure your more ambitious targets are at least grounded.

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