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Tarot - Greatest Weakness

Greatest Weakness

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Your current weakness

The weakness of the Four of Swords is being haunted by the past. By putting too much emphasis on what has happened in the past, you make it harder to move into the future. We all make mistakes and dwelling on them does not change them. Instead try and live the best future possible and hope that you are able to redeem yourself.

Your strength that balances the weakness

The Strength that the Three of Swords brings with it is the strength to look at things with a pure logical and rational viewpoint. This often allows you to be able to spot deception, whether it is other people trying to deceive you or you trying to deceive yourself or others. The important thing that should always be considered is why the deception is happening. Figuring out the why will often lead you to the best course of action.

What you want to achieve

The Nine of Pentacles is an indication that your goals should be focused on becoming self-reliant. If you are already self-reliant, focus on building your nest-egg. It is best to be prepared for unforeseen disasters as things like natural disasters do not give you advance warning.

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